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Friday Sermon Summary: 15 April 2016

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Juma khutba summary

A continuation of the merits of the divine month of Rajab:
The Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw) stated: “the one who fasts a single day of the month of rajab, he shall distance himself from the fire of hell the distance of an entire year”
(Mafatihul Jinaan)

Points of contemplation:
The concept of distance here much as it can be understood literally ie one will not be in or near hell fire, it can also be interpreted to mean that by abstaining from the physical pleasures that are halal (by way of fasting) one is able to strengthen his/her power of resistance which in turn allow him/her to overcome the temptation of sin. The construction of such a wall of resistance against sin is essentially known as “taqwa” – and indeed the one who has taqwa is away from chastisement (hell fire)

One who is not able to fast for any given reason, to gain as much reward, one may give alms the equivalent of a piece (loaf) of bread for every fast.

May the Almighty (swt) grant us the tawfiq of benefitting from the spirituality of this great month

Shaykh Muhammad Abbas Panju

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