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Friday Sermon Summary: 29 April 2016

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Continuing with our series revolving around seeking spirituality within the blessed month of rajab, there lies an important day ahead of us – the 27th day of rajab known as the day of mab’ath and the day of me’raj. This is a day of great historical, ideological and spiritual importance.

From the aspect of spirituality, it is narrated on authority of Imam al sadiq (s): “the one who fasts the 27th day of rajab, Allah (swt) shall reward him with the equivalent of fasting for seventy years”
Furthermore, the eve of the 27th of rajab is a night surrounded with divine mercy. It is narrated by imam abu Jafar al Jawad (s) that the one who performs the following acts of worship before midnight on the eve of the 27th of rajab shall have all his haajat fulfilled:
1. Recite 12 rakaat salaat – in each rakaat after al hamd recite any short Surah you like
2. Upon completion, recite each of the following 7times each:
Surah al fateha
Surah al nas
Surah al falaq
Surah al ikhlas
Surah al kafirun
Surah al qadr
Ayatul kursi
3. Recite the following dua:

Al hamdulillahi-ladhi lam yattakhidh walada wa lam yakun lahu shareekun fil mulk WA lam yakun lahu waliyun minal dhulli WA kabbirhu takbeerah
Allahumma inni as’aluka bi ma’aqidi izzika ala arkaani arshik WA muntaha-rahmati min kitabik WA bi ismikal A’adham al A’adham al A’adham WA dhikrikal a’ala al a’ala al a’ala WA bikalimatikal taammah
Un tusalli ala muhammadin wa aalihi WA an taf’ala beey ma anta ahluh
All praise belongs to Allah, Who has not taken a son and does not have a partner in the Dominion, nor does He have a helper out of weakness; and magnify Him with a worthy magnification (Holy Qur’an 17:111). O Allah, I ask You by: the juncture of Your might over the pillars of Your Throne, and the ultimate Mercy from Your book. And [I ask You] by Your name – the great, the majestic, the splendid. And [I ask You] by Your remembrance – the elevated, the sublime, the exalted; and by Your complete and perfect words, that You bless Muhammad and his family and do for me, what You are worthy of.
Shaykh Muhammad Abbas Panju
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