Zuhayr ibn Qayn al-Bajali

In: Muharram

Dramatization of the Martyrdom of Zuhayr ibn Qayn one of the heroic companions of Aba Abdillah (A) Imam Husayn (A) on the day of Ashura (Muharram 10, 61AH) against the forces of the despotic tyrant Yazid ibn Muawiyyah headed by Omar ibn Sa’ad and Shimr ibn Dhil Jawshan on the plain of Karbala in Iraq.

This portion shows the night of Ashura when Aba Abdillah (A) removed any obligation to remain from the companions and the candles were blown out.

It shows the heroic statements of Zuhayr ibn Qayn to the army of Yazid and in particular to Ibn Sa’ad and Ibn Dhil Jawshan. It shows his fight, and the break he requested for prayers.

It shows that famous prayer of love that imam Husayn (A) led his followers in while a barrage of arrows from the Army of the enemies of Allah fell upon the prayers.

Ultimately it shows the final stand of Zuhayr ibn Qayn (A) against the forces of evil and his ultimate martyrdom.

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