The Gift of Haj Huseinali Nakhudaki (RA) to Ayatullah Khomeini (RA)

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aytisfahaniAyatullah Hasanali Isfahani (Nakhudaki)
[1279/1862 – 1361/1942]

Ayatullah Musa Shubairi Zanjani narrates that:
On a Ziyarat visit to Mashad, Ayatullah Khomeini and my father met the scholar and spiritual wayfarer Ayatullah Huseinali Nakhudaki in the courtyard of Imam al-Rida (A). In those days, Ayatullah Khomeini was no more than between 30 to 40 years old. He seized the opportunity to ask Ayatullah Nakhudaki a question, but the latter said to him, “At the moment I am occupied in my worship, please wait for me near the grave of Hurr-e Amili and I will come looking for you myself.” After some time he came and asked what they wanted.
Ayatullah Khomeini said to him, “I swear to you by this Imam (A), if you have the knowledge of alchemy, then teach it to us.”
Haj Huseinali did not deny that he had the knowledge of alchemy but instead asked, “If I give you the secret of alchemy, and you are able to convert mountains and plains to gold, can you promise that you will use this knowledge appropriately and guard it and not abuse it?”
Ayatullah Khomeini who was a man of scrupulous honesty, thought for a while and then admitted that he could not promise that.
When he heard this, Ayatullah Huseinali Nakhudaki turned to Ayatullah Khomeini and said. “Since you admit that you are unable to guard the knowledge of alchemy, I will teach you something even better than alchemy, and that is:

After every wajib salat, recite Ayatul Kursi to (وَهُوَ الْعَلِيُّ الْعَظِيمُ) once
Then recite the tasbih of lady Fatima (A)
Then recite Suratu Tawhid three times
Then recite the Salawat three times
Then recite three times second and third verses of Suratu Talaq

And this is better for you than alchemy

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