Summary of Friday Khutba – 9 April 2010

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When you are sure of someone’s love and affection towards you, wisdom dictates that you must also reciprocate with love and affection. And one of the ways of doing this is to keep the beloved happy. In the Holy Quran and even in the Ahadeeth, we have been shown a list of what Allah (SWT) likes and what He (SWT) despises. One such thing which He (SWT) dislikes is TAKABBUR  (Pride; to consider oneself better and superior than others) in man. “Indeed Allah does not love the proud, the boastful”. (4:36) “Do not turn your cheek disdainfully from the people, and do not walk exultantly on the earth. Indeed Allah does not like the proud, the boastful”. (31:18) TAKABBUR is the source of many evils and it is the main cause of hatred and disunity in society. It is also a ‘Gunaah-e-Kabeera’ meaning a major sin. The Holy Prophet (saww) has said, “Refrain from TAKABBUR. Indeed for a servant who is persistent in TAKABBUR, Allah (SWT) instructs His angels: ‘Include this servant among the tyrants”. (Kanzul-‘Ummaal) He (saww) has said: “O Abu Dhar! Whoever dies having an atom’s weight of arrogance in his heart will never smell the scent of Heaven.” (Bihar al Anwar)


One thing which we ought remember is that TAKABBUR  (Pride) is an exclusive quality of Allah (SWT) – Who is the Creator and the Master of the universe. He alone deserves the right to be proud because He is the Highest, the Greatest and the most Supreme in all respects. “And to Him belongs [all] grandeur within the heavens and the earth, and He is the Exalted in Might, the Wise”. (45:37)

Imam Ameerul-Mumineen (as) says in one of his sermons: “All praise be to Allah Who wore (the dress of) honour and pride; and chose them both for Himself giving not to His creatures”. Then elsewhere in the same Khutbah, he (as) says: “Nay! Almighty Allah cannot give entry into Paradise to a man for the same reason (Pride), because of which, He (SWT) threw out from it an angel”. Iblees, although a Jinn was considered an angel due to his years of worship. He was thrown out of Paradise because of his arrogance and pride. Imam (as) explains that after years of worship, if an angel could be thrown out of Paradise, how can Allah (SWT) allow anybody else with the same attribute of TAKABBUR to enter into it?! Then again, in the same Khutbah, Imam (as) adds: “If Allah would have permitted anybody from His servants to be Proud, then they would have been His Prophets & the most Beloved people. But Allah despised TAKABBUR for them too and showed His pleasure in their humility”. (Nahjul-Balaghah)

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