Summary of Friday Khutba – 16 April 2010

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Why does man do TAKABBUR? Why is man proud, boastful and arrogant? Why does he tend to consider himself better and superior over others? One could think of many reasons such as wealth, knowledge, strength, power, fame, influence and even connections with the powerful that makes one arrogant. All these are external and perishable elements. If man allows them to influence his behaviour than he is foolish. He has committed an act that is KHILAAFUL-‘AQL (against his intellect). In the days of one of our Imams (as), a person went hunting and managed to kill a lion. He then removed the skin of the lion and wore it on his self and returned to the city Proud over his achievement. He walked boastfully as people gathered to cheer him. Imam (as) inquired as to what was happening. He (as) was informed that so and so had killed a lion and wore its skin. Now he is bragging about it and people are cheering him. Imam (as) smiled and said, “Think of it! If this skin did not survive on the body of its rightful owner, what makes this man think that it will survive on his body?”  Wealth, fame, influence, power, connections – all these are external and perishable elements. If one is proud because of them, he is a fool!


The real cause of TAKABBUR is one and only one and that is feeling of ‘Inferiority Complex’ within himself. Because he does NOT have true and notable humanly attributes that are praise able, he is desperately seeking attention by way of leaning on external elements. Imam Ja’far ibn Muhammad as-Sadiq (as) has said: “A person is arrogant and tyrannical only as a result of a (source of) disgrace he has in himself”. (Al-Kaafi)

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