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Safeguarding Policy

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KSIMC of London Safeguarding Policy

Supporting the safety and wellbeing of Children, young people and adults in our community

Every child or vulnerable adult deserves to be happy and secure in their environment and activities.

Their carers or parents need to feel sure that people in charge of the activities they participate in are trustworthy, responsible and will do everything they can to keep the vulnerable adult or child safe from harm.

Volunteer organisations are not immune from ensuring that the appropriate safeguarding arrangements are in place for children and vulnerable adults. In fact it is the duty of every voluntary organisation to put in place safeguards to protect the children, young people and vulnerable adults with whom they work.

It is also important to consider how to avoid situations where workers and volunteers are put in positions where abuse might be alleged as well as ensure that volunteers and workers know exactly what to do should abuse be suspected.

The emphasis has changed in recent years to not only protect the vulnerable from abuse and neglect but to actively promote the welfare of children and young people – not just to protect but to safeguard.

For all organisations working with children, young people and vulnerable adults, it is essential to carefully consider safeguarding both vulnerable people and children and the people who have a responsibility for them. It is highly recommended that such organisations should draw up a safeguarding policy. Alongside this there should be a set of procedures to put what is intended into practice.

It is the responsibility of all organisations to continually review and monitor safeguarding policy and procedures, gaining further advice and information
wherever possible.

All members of the KSIMC of London should be aware of the policy and procedures in order to understand their individual responsibilities and help promote best practice.

To download the safeguarding policy, please click here.

For further details, please email safeguarding@hujjat.org

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