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Sad demise of Grand Ayatullah Sayyed Muhammad Sa’eed al-Hakim

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In the name of Allah, Most Kind, Ever Merciful
Inna lillah wa inna ilayhi rajiun
Imam al-Sadiq (a) has said: ‘When a believing jurist dies, a void is left in Islam that can never be filled again [except by equal or better jurists].’ (Al-Kafi)

It is with utmost sadness and profound grief that the Shia world received news of the demise of Grand Ayatullah Sayyed Muhammad Sa’eed Tabatabaie al-Hakim in Najaf al-Ashraf after a sudden heart-attack. On this most grievous loss, KSIMC of London humbly extends condolences to Imam al-Mahdi (aj) on the loss of one of his general representatives, to the hawza ilmiyyah and ulama, to the grieving family, and to the entire Shia ummah.

Grand Ayatullah Sayyed Muhammad Sa’eed al-Hakim was born on 8 Dhil-Qa’da 1354 AH, in Najaf al-Ashraf. He started his Hawza studies at an early age, and was found to have exceptional intelligence and a thirst to learn Islamic sciences. Amongst his teachers were his father, maternal grandfather Grand Ayatullah Sayyed Muhsin al-Hakim, Shaikh Husain Hilli (the teacher of many mujtahids and maraje – including Grand Ayatullah Sayyid Sistani), and Grand Ayatullah Sayyed Abul-Qasim al-Khui.

Grand Ayatullah al-Hakim lived under the harsh Ba’athist regime but still managed to reach the higher levels of hawza studies. He spent times of his blessed life inside Ba’athist prisons, along with many members of his family, many of whom were brutally executed. However, even in prison, like Nabi Yusuf (a), he propagated the faith in filling the thirst of his fellow prisoners and students with his deep knowledge. In fact, he even trained his son and co-prisoner, Sayyid Riyadh al-Hakeem to become a mujtahid.

Aside from his scholarly endeavours and authoring a number of books, he also cared for the poor and needy, furthered the propagation of Islam in a number of countries, voiced his solidarity with the oppressed people of Palestine, and the followers of Ahlul Bayt (a) in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Mu’mineen are requested to remember Grand Ayatullah al-Hakim with Surat al-Fatihah, and for the ummah to be able to bear this loss with steadfastness.

28 Muharram 1443

6 September 2021

By: Mohamedasif
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