Muharram 1433 Urdu Speaker : Dr. Salman Turabi

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Delivered more than 2,500 speeches, lectures, sermons and discourses on topics ranging from Comparative Study on Quranic Exegesis, Islamic Fiqh, Islamic Jurisprudence and Legal System, Islamic Education System, Islamic Social System, Islam and New World Order, Ijtehad in Islam, Islam and West, Islamic Philosophy, Islamic History, History of Hadith, History of Narrators, Reformation in Islam, Crisis and Solution of Muslim Ummah, Interfaith dialogue, Quranic Judgments and Islamic Personalities.
He is a religious scholar of international repute who has been delivering speeches at all major centers in the world. For the past many years, he has been the main speaker on Pakistan Radio and Pakistan Television for Majlis-e-Shame Ghariban. He also attracts hundreds and thousands of people from all over the world who follow and listen to his speeches on Internet either live or recorded.
Dr. Turabi has visited Hawza Ilmia Najaf Iraq, Hawza Ilmia Qum Iran and Hawza Ilmia in Syria. He does maintain personal and intellectual contacts with all renowned supreme religious authorities of the Muslim world.

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