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Lecture 1 Summary: Sheikh Salim Yusufali

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•    The Topic for these nights are “Practical Advice from the AHLUL BAYT (AB) for Muslims living in the west”
•    Todays lecture is a teaser so to speak, to give listeners an insight as to what is to come in the forthcoming nights.
•    We need to step back and look at their purpose and role of the AB at a theoretical level

The question one often asks “Is Islam universal and relevant in our time?”
•    According to the well known verse in surah Maidah.
“Today I have Perfected for you your religion” meaning the religion is perfect and applicable to today and all times ie perfect at all times
•    The 5th Imam (as) states- Allah (SWT) the Exalted has not left aside a single thing that is needed but that it was revealed in the Quran and the sunnah
•    This gives us confidence knowing that we have all the tools of guidance with us
•    The reason the Holy Quran is timeless and relevant is because it has principles and guidelines which are universal and can be applied in different times.
•    The Quran needs explanation and clarification which can either be done by the Quran itself or by the holy progeny
•    The Quran is timeless, its need for clarification is timeless, 
and this done by HP and AB and hence our need for them is timeless

We sometimes wonder what do the AB know about the modern day? But if we analyse how different is our situation and our lives different from theirs?
•    If we analyse what we are made up, we are not just a sum total of technology, or advancements in science etc but we are a sum total of a body and a soul which hasn’t changed over time
•    Also the Fitrah, that innate nature which Allah creates within all human being, is a hard wiring which doesn’t change over time.  This is clearly explained in Surah Rum… It guides us towards Allah and our movement towards Him. So how different are we 1400 years later in terms of searching for our goal?
•    Some examples on how the words and teachings of the AB are relevant more than ever today when it comes to marriage, childraising, and death

The AB are looking for more from us however, than just to consider them relevant.
•    Look at the Hadith of Unwan al Basri, a student of Anas bin Malik , who came to the 6th imam and wanted to become his student. Imam (as) says to him I am busy. Imam was not being stingy but was teaching us that we have to realize that station of Imam first and his rank before we can take from him
•    The AB have stated, Travel east and west and you will not find anything that is correct except from us. AB have given us guidelines on how to live our lives in all arenas. And that is their role, they are our guides
•    Inspirational anecdote that took place recently that demonstrates that AB are seeking those who will take their guidance

It is important to note that when we are looking at the advice of AB it doesn’t mean that this is not covered in HQ. For example look at the example of Asiyah the wife of pharaoh (a women brought in a non muslim/tyrannical society) She is an example that is immortalized the Quran and her entirety of her personality and vision is encapsulated in one dua. O ALLAH GIVE ME A HOUSE IN YOUR PROXIMITY IN PARADISE.  She wanted proximity to Allah. She was a queen and had all the material wealth of the world but she wanted something better. She then prays for deliverance from pharaoh a sign of her unwavering stand for truth and justice.

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