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Friday Khutba Summary (28/08/09)

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– NHS/CIA produced a booklet on healthy fasting and how intake of food affects spiritual wellbeing (www.cia.org)
– Prophets Hadith says you should only fill 1/3 of your stomach.
– CIA.org says healthy foods include: Onions, Olives, Cucumber and Figs
– Son of late Hakim passed away 26/08/09.
– Many Muslims in Italy find religion under attack; laws being introduced to force Muslims to stop adhering to fasting.
– Jordan held 6 Shia’s for promoting Shia-ism.

– Imam  Jaffer (AS): the Quran is a trust of Allah on his creation. Desirable for every Muslim to evaluate this trust. It’s recommended to
recite 50 verses each day.
– Reciting the Quran lightens the punishment of parents.
– 3 types of fasting:Physical restraint; The fast to attain taqwa and the fast where a person does everything solely for the pleasure of Allah (fast of the heart).
– We must enjoy the spiritual feast by constantly being in his proximity.
– 13:17 – Grace of Allah. The grace of Allah pours abundantly; everyone receives it according to their own capacity..
– Naj-al-balagah: These hearts of ours are containers, the best of which are those that preserve knowledge.

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