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Friday Khutba Summary (21/08/09)

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The Holy Prophet (SAW) then goes on to describe just how special this month is. Anyone who gets the chance to breath in this month is actually doing ‘tasbeeh.’ Anyone who sleeps in this month is doing ‘Ibadaah.’ Its days are the best of days, its nights are the best of nights, its hours are the best of hours. Then the Prophet brings out a powerful statement,’ You are invited in it to be the guests of Allah (SWT).’ What an honour!

There are many recommended things we can do, of which are reciting the Holy Quran as this is the month of the Holy Quran- of course this should be done with pondering and contemplation. The other recommended action is giving charity especially taking care of orpahns as they are usually neglected in our muslim ummah.

One may ask what is the best deed in this month. This was actually answered by Imam Ali (A) who stood up in the khutba and asked the Holy Prophet (SAW) what the best deed was in this month. the Holy Prophet (SAW) replied that the best deed was keeping away from sin.

We pray to Allah (SWT) to allow us to use this month to the maximum.

Article contribution by Br. Kumayl Sheriff
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