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For the community to reflect … 9 years

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At least to his history we can stare
And listen and learn and act and yearn
Towards that goal he made us aware

At times I think and I ponder on
If Mulla were alive today
Affairs may be different, but he has gone
Reality hits me and I’ve nothing to say

So a trip to his grave I made one day
In that heavenly bed in which he lay
And told Mulla so,
“Today I am a visitor
Tomorrow I will be your neighbour
How should I prepare? tell me as a favour”

After the demise of this great man,
A poet once wrote, aptly his pen shone
The fragrance of the rose will linger on
Petals of taqwa and adalah will live ever on
Forget we will not, the name of Asghar Mulla
We will go on using it on and on and on and on
(Abu Fayyaz)

Taqwa it is, and Mulla had it all
Friend and foe must admit this call

This is just, an emotional cry
To mention that, time did fly
And in the last nine years, that went by
Life without Asghar Mulla, has been very very dry

But amid the feelings on display
Mulla Asghar, we will say
Your legacy is here, here to stay
We will uphold your teachings, which in front of us you did lay

I now wrap up, there’s not much time
Towards my grave I go with every line
For Taqwa I must now prepare
With those golden words, which Mulla with us did share

So for you and I, we still have time
Mulla has now gone with a blank book of crime
Still we can send him a gift to the barzaqh
Al-Fatiha for Mulla, and those we remember

Ali M Bachoo 21st March 2009 – 9th year remembrance of Mulla Asgharali M M Jaffer

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