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FAQs for Car Parking @ Hujjat Stanmore

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How much time should I allow in order to park once I get to the centre?
Centre Car Park –        Approximately 5 minutes.
Rugby Car Park –        Approximately 5 – 7 minutes.
Overflow Parking –    Please allow up to 15 minutes
Can a Car Park Volunteer park my car for me?
NO but in certain circumstances the CPV’S may ask you to leave your car and they will park it for you. This is usually only the case inside the  Hujjat centre car park.
Do I have to leave my keys in the car?
Centre Car Park – Yes. please leave your keys in the car.
Rugby Car Park – Only leave the keys when asked to do so by the Volunteers.
Overflow Car Parks – Please remove all valuables, lock your car and take your keys with you.
Is there a drop off and pick up point at the centre?
Yes. You may drop off on Warren Lane in the “DROP AND GO” bays marked by the sign posts. Warren lane is directly opposite the Hujjat centre’s entrance. You may pick up from further along Warren Lane near to the junction of Warren Lane and The Grove.
What should I do if I have elderly people or people with disabilities with me?
There will be some spaces allocated for disabled drivers and passengers with disabilities. These will be on a “first come first served” basis. You may drop elderly people by the entrance to the centre and then park your vehicle where spaces are available. You will be able to pick them up from the entrance of the main hall if you have parked within the centre or the archway by the main entrance to the centre, if you have parked in rugby or the overflow car parks.
How can I get to the centre if I am travelling by public transport?
We have a regular pick up service from Stanmore Underground station .You can also call the Hujjat office Tel: 0208 954 6247 to arrange a pick up time.
Do I have to pay to park my car in a car park?
There is no charge for parking within the Hujjat Centre, or any of the overflow car parks. There is a charge of £1 per car per evening for parking in the rugby car park.
What shall I do if all the car parks are full?
You will be redirected to the overflow car parking area. This will normally be Stanmore Hill, The Royal Orthopaedic Hospital Stanmore, or the LIDL car park on Dennis Lane Stanmore. The CPV’S will direct you to the overflow area in use at the time.
Can I park anywhere on the roads around the centre?
Please do NOT park in any of the streets or the side streets around the centre.
Can the shuttle service pick me up from anywhere?
The shuttle service can only pick you up from the designated overflow car parking areas or Stanmore Underground Station.
How frequently do the shuttle buses operate between pick up points and the centre?
There is continuous shuttle service running from the pickup points, you can expect to wait generally no more that 10-15 minutes.
Do I have to pay for the shuttle service?
A voluntary contribution of £1 per car for a return journey would be appreciated.
Do I have to pay for my children to use the shuttle service?
No. The voluntary contribution of £1 per car/ family would be sufficient.
Will the shuttle service take me back to where my car is parked at the end of the programme?
Does the shuttle service run continuously in both directions?
What if I need to leave the centre before the programme has ended?
If you think you may have to leave early, it is best to park in either the rugby car park or the designated overflow car parks. It may not be possible to extricate your car from the car parks within the centre after you have parked there. The Shuttle service will take you back to the overflow car park area where you have parked your car, or to Stanmore Underground Station whichever you prefer.

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