Ayyam-e-Fatimiyya 1430AH

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KSIMC of London will be commemorating Ayyam-e-Fatimiyya from Sunday 24th May to Thursday 28th May 2009, which is the Wafat day of Sayyida Fatima (A). The majalises will be recited by Syed Mohamed Naqvi, a world renowned Alim.

Syed Mohamed Naqvi is the son of Late Syed Ansar Husayn Naqvi of Lucknow. He was born in Tanzania where he completed his secondary education. He then joined the Al-Khoei Hawza in Stanmore which was run by The World Federation. After graduating from the Hawza, Syed Mohamed continued his educational quest for Islamic studies on his own initiative and has today emerged as one of the most respected Aalims and a superb orator in the Muslim community.

Over the years, Syed Mohamed has recited majalises in a number of Jamaats throughout the world, including Dar-es-Salaam, Karachi, Mumbai, Stanmore and Toronto, to name a few. He has also served as the resident Alim of Birmingham Jamaat and is currently the resident Alim of Milton Keynes Jamaat. He is married with two children. 

Recently, The Islamic Institute of Post Graduate Studies (IIPS), well known as for the Mubaligheen Training Program (MTP) run by the World Federation in Syria, was privileged to have Syed Mohamed Naqvi as one of the assessors of the entire MTP curriculum.

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