O Hussain (a.s.)

In: Ahlul-Bayt

O Hussain (a.s.)

I sit here
with a candle lit in the darkness
thinking about the tragedy-
a story that will never escape me;

a pain circulates in my palm
as I write nothing but your name
-O Hussain –
your name chases through my veins
and with each tear that falls
my heart fills with grief and sorrow-

I wish I could answer your calls
is anyone there to help?
your voice echoes inside of me
inside my mind, inside my heart,
I am choking with images that
ache to be written in words
by the art of my hand-

the displaced children running aimlessly
unable to hide, they suffer
and as the last images replay in my mind
I stand up and recite this poem in memory of you
-O Hussain-
a martyr for us all.

the candle light burns out-
I cannot see.
I think of you O Hussain and
relentlessly weep.

By: Ridafatema Haji Muraj

By: admin
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