21 September
13 Safar
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Can you die from a broken heart?

In: Ahlul-Bayt

A letter from an orphan to her father.

When we left home,
I was but a young girl.
And whilst I was sad to be leaving my dearest Sughra,
I could not even imagine the sorrows that would befall our family.
Tell me father… Can you die from a broken heart?

When I saw my uncle Abbas,
Begging you to let him go to the river and collect some water for me.
I didn’t know what was waiting for him.
And when he never returned father,
I missed him so.
Tell me father… Can you die from a broken heart?

When I saw Qassim and Akbar,
Dressed up like beautiful little soldiers.
How was I to know dad,
That I was not destined to see them again.
I miss them Father.
Please tell me… Can you die from a broken heart?

And then I saw my dear mother Rubab,
Handing over her sweet baby boy Ali Asghar.
And I heard you telling her father, that you would take him to wet his lips.
I didn’t know that those cruel men would take him also.
Didn’t they know that he was only a little baby dad? Didn’t you tell them?
I feel like I may die father… I feel like I may die from a broken heart.

But father, then you left me.
And I watched you ride away on your beloved Zuljanah.
I need to know Baba… did you love him more than you love me? Is that why you left with him and didn’t return?
I really miss you my beloved father,
I wish to lie on your chest just once more.
Why did they take you from me dad,
Did they not know that I can’t live without you?

I wish to see you again father… please.
Even if I have to die alone from a broken heart.

Written by Sister Sabiha Kaba

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