SJ Family Event

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Salaamun Alikum.

We would like to inform everyone about the upcoming Stanmore Jafferys FAMILY EVENT on 25th July 2021 at Hatch End Cricket club.

This will feature the following:

SJ Cricket bonanza which promises to be exciting and is in honour of our past legends of the game.

Fitness events, Volleyball and cycling will also be featuring.  

Plenty of food options available

All families are welcome to attend in what promises to be a fun filled day.

Please refer to the poster or visit SJHUB.ORG.UK for more details.

By: Mohamedasif

Downloadable Ariza (PDF) with translation

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You can download an Ariza here: (ARABIC), (ENGLISH).

The translation of the text is as follows:

I have written O my master (A.S) seeking help, and I complain (to you) about what has descended upon me – seeking refuge with Allah (S.W.T) and then with you, from the affair that has taken me by surprise and occupied my heart, and made me think a lot, and has stripped away from me some of my core, and has changed the great  blessings of God that is with me, my close friend has left me when it came to me and he dissociated from me when he saw it advancing towards me, my plans have been unable to push it away, and my patience and strength haven’t been able to bear it.  So I have taken refuge with you in this (problem), and with regard to the request for Allah – I have placed my trust in Allah (S.W.T) and in you, seeking protection from (that which bothers me) – (requesting) about your whereabouts from Allah, the one who brings close, and is the owner of all affairs.  I trust you with regards to the speedy intercession (you have) with Him in my affairs and I have  certainty in Him answering you with respect to my needs. O my master you are worthy of actualising (what’s in) my thoughts, and honouring the hopes I have in you (with regard to) my affairs/matters.

[mention your wants]:

In this (the wants) I have no strength in bearing it and no patience, while you are able to (solve it) although it (the situation) is because of my own ugly acts and my negligence of the obligatory acts which are for Allah (S.W.T), So help me O my master (A.S) in my worries and present my wants in front of Allah, before the starting of the calamities, and the mocking of the enemies (of me), for with you (lies) the spreading of the bounties upon me.   And I ask Allah (S.W.T) for an honourable victory for me, and a close success which entails me reaching – my hopes, good principles,completion of my acts, and safety from all forms of fearful things in all states.   Surely He(Allah) does what He pleases, and He suffices me – the best of those upon whom trust can be placed in the beginning and at the end.

With thanks to & &

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Hujjat Senior Citizen – Executive Committee 2020-2022

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The Hujjat Senior Citizen Executive Committee were elected on 6th September 2020

Executive Committee 2020 – 2022

Chairman:Sultan Kermalli020 8737 068707534 367 922
Vice Chairman:Sultan Govani020 8428 786007980 503 724
Secretary:Azad Dhalla  020 8357 132207570 441 970
Asst. Secretary:Abbas Ismail020 8236 0110            07789 170 004
Treasurer:Muhsin Nanji020 8907 823907506 534 321
Committee member:Murtaza Ebrahim020 8863 575707960 241 409
Committee member:Ahmed Dungersi020 8904 560007879 461 953

Ladies Section

Chairlady:Mumtazbai Merali   020 8422 044507810 073 453
Vice Chairlady:Masumabai Jessa01923 25302607570 100 922
Secretary:Annarbai Amersi 07788 870 172
Treasurer:Masumabai Alloo01923 83616507949 704 887
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Day of Prayer – Friday 25 December 2020

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Salaamun Alikum

We have received a message that World Federation President Al Hajj Safder Bhai has received from Agha Syed Kashmiri, representative of His Eminence Syed al Sistani (DZ).   He has requested everyone to observe tomorrow , Friday the 25th of December as the day of Prayer.   The excerpt of his message is as follows :

‘’The Islamic Centres in the UK have an important role within faith, in these sensitive circumstances, which is to direct the hearts and minds of people to the merciful Lord who is able to save the country from this scourge represented by the Coronavirus.

Therefore, I call upon the imams of mosques, informants, and supervisors of Islamic Centres to make the noon of Friday, that falls on December 25, a day of prayer and Du’a to alleviate the scourge, lift the epidemic from the people, and heal the sick.

I also call on them to intensify the media campaign amongst our community, so that the largest number of people possible can participate in the prayer ceremony, as well as calling on the media to report the event so that the people of this country turn to the Lord of the servants to save them from the hardship and calamity they are in.

And Allah, may He be glorified and exalted, called us to supplication, so he said: ((Call upon me, I will answer you)).

I ask Allah the almighty to answer everyone’s supplication and relieve them of their hardship and affliction. He is the Hearer and Answerer.’’

May Allah accept all our prayers.  Ameen.

Moshin Kassam
Hon Secretary
The KSIMC of London

By: hmistryh

Thursday night programmes this month

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Join us for Juma raat programmes online for 3 Thursdays (8.00pm start), with Sura Yaseen, Dua Kumayl, English Majlis by Sayed Rehan Naqvi Topic: “Back to the roots of our faith” & Ziyarat Warith.

By: hmistryh

Hujjat Project Site Manager role

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Salaam Alaikum,

As you are aware, the centre is undergoing urgent maintenance work.

We are in search of a Site Project Manager, for a minimum 4 month period.

The ideal candidate should have:

  1. HSE experience (be able to provide evidence)
  2. Site management experience (be able to provide references)
  3. Construction knowledge – necessary
  4. Multi disciplinary – basic knowledge

Please do email your CV to, if you feel like you are the right candidate or know of someone who would be suitable for this role.

Deadline – Sunday 29/11/2020

By: Mohamedasif


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Over the Black Friday week from this Friday 20th November to 30 November 2020 please do nominate ‘’The Khoja Shia Ithnaasheri Muslim Community Of London’’  as your charity of choice so you donate 0.5% of your purchases free of any cost to you.

This is a great way to support towards Hujjat Jamaat’s general fund, as you spend for your loved ones during this period and in future.

To do so please log in to and select ‘’The Khoja Shia Ithnaasheri Muslim Community Of London’’ as your preferred charity.  

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Real Talk event

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Real Talk is back!

This week Our Resident Aalima will be talking to Nishat Dossa about finding the colours through her cancer journey and beyond.

The session will be live and you will have the opportunity to ask questions – tune in to the Hujjat YouTube channel on Sunday 15th November at 7.30pm.

By: hmistryh