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12 September 2020

As set out in previous communications, our AGM will be held on Sunday 20 September 2020.

We would usually hold this meeting physically at the Hujjat centre. However, due to the coronavirus pandemic, it will be necessary to hold the AGM electronically this year.

In order to facilitate this electronic meeting, please could members wishing to attend the AGM complete and submit the form available here by THURSDAY 17 SEPTEMBER 2020. We will contact members who have registered for the AGM and provide them with further details and instructions.

With Salaams and Duas

Musafir Somani
Hon. Secretary
The KSIMC of London

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Hujjat Hustings Friday 4 September 2020 & Election Day Guidance

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Dearest Members of our community, 

Salaamun Alaikum, 

Further to our previous communications, the Electoral Commission wishes to remind members of the forthcoming Hustings on Friday 4 September 2020. We use this opportunity to advise members that they are free to ask questions (using slido) to the presidential candidates about any topic concerning the Jamaat, including but not limited to queries arising from their published manifestos;  please find below attached. 

Venue: Live Online – Broadcasted from Hujjat Youtube Channel and

Time: 8:30pm

Chairman: Shaykh Gulamabbas Murtaza Lakha 


Br. Hamid Pirbhai – Manifesto can be found here

Click to Download


1.1 MB

Br. Sakalain Mehgjee – Manifesto can be found here 

Click to Download

Team More Member & Manifesto.pdf

60.2 MB

Please see below timetable: 

8:30pm – Introduction by Shaykh Gulamabbas Murtaza Lakha 

8:35pm – Br. Hamid Pirbhai 15 minutes Manifesto talk. 

8:50pm – Br Sakalain Mehgjee 15 minutes Manifesto talk. 

9:05pm – Open questions

9:50pm – Final Statement Br Hamid Pirbhai

9:55pm – Final Statement Br Sakalain Mehgjee 

10:00pm – End

Election Day Guidance: 

The Electoral Commission are finalising the last few items in preparation for the Elections next Sunday. Yesterday’s Taboot and Jaloos procession provided a litmus test of how remote drive thru sessions occur at our beloved centre. On behalf of the Electoral Commission we thank the CPV members, logistic team and those who assisted on the day in providing this service in honour of Imam Hussain (a.s). As mentioned previously, the elections shall be contactless and in-person only, we aim to provide an efficient service that shall be amenable to all. It is for the service of our community that these elections are been meticulously planned to ensure maximum participation from all members on the day. 

Please see our guidance below: 

– Priority Access Between 10:30am – 12pm for the elderly (70+),  members with disabilities and those with health vulnerabilities will be given first chance to vote. We strongly advise others more able to come after 1pm. 

– All members should come with photo ID, these include but are not limited to: (Passports, Driving Licenses, Student ID Cards, Photo Senior Citizenship Cards).

– Under no circumstance shall members leave their vehicles.

– You will be provided ballot papers, these are to be completed in your cars and dropped into the designated boxes indicated.  

– There will be no access to the Hujjat building, including the lavatories.  

– We advise you bring a pen to complete the ballot forms, however we shall make provisions for those without. 

– Please adhere to the guidance provided by the CPV volunteers and those who are assisting on the day. 

– For a visual guide please see below. The arrows indicate the flow stream for attendees. 

Click to Download

Hujjat General Election 6th Sept 2020 Process Flow.pdf

201 KB

The Electoral Commission of KSIMC of London request your support and Duas for these Elections. 

Should you have any queries please contact us on: 

Farhan Jamal – Chair 
For and on behalf of the Electoral Commission 
KSIMC of London

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Candidates for the September 2020 Elections and Presidential Manifestos.

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Dearest Members of our community, 

Salaamun Alaikum, 

Please find below the final list of candidates for the September 2020 Elections, in addition you will see the two presidential manifestos for: 

Br Sakalain Meghjee – Team More (Expect more, demand more)

Click to Download

Team More Member & Manifesto.pdf

60.2 MB

Br Hamid Pirbhai – Team Hamid 2020 (With Faith We Serve)

Click to download

Hamid Pirbhai Manifesto Statement 2020.pdf

1.1 MB

The final list of candidates are as followed: 

PresidentSakalain Mehgjee hereHamid Pirbhai here
Vice PresidentFayaz Rashid hereSibtain Allibhai here
Honorary SecretaryZulfikar Sumar hereMohsin Kassam here
Assistant SecretaryAkber Dungersi hereMohamed Asif Rajabali here
Honorary TreasurerJahangir Kaba hereAqeel Merchant here
Assistant TreasurerMehmood Jagani hereMuntazir Kanji here
Committee MemberMehbub Teja hereImran Gulamhusein here
Committee MemberMahbub Gulamhusein hereSheikh Abbas Ismail here
Committee MemberArif Jagani hereMuhammad Datoo here
Committee MemberNisar Jafferali hereAsad Abdullah here
Committee MemberMoh. Naqi Daya hereShiraz Jamal here
Committee Member Zahra Jetha (co-opted members)Samana Fazel here
Committee Member Nasrin Abbas (co-opted members)Mumtaz M Merali (PK) here

Independent Chairlady: Ms Nasima Azim Karim here

The Electoral Commission of KSIMC of London request your support and Duas for these Elections. 

Farhan Jamal – Chair 
For and on behalf of the Electoral Commission 
KSIMC of London

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Electoral Commission Statement & Nomination Paper Deadline Reminder

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Dearest members of our community. 

Salaamun Alaikum, 

As the forthcoming Elections are nearing (Sunday 6 September 2020). We the Electoral Commission wish to remind all candidates that nomination papers must be received via TODAY: 

Friday 21 August 23:59 (GMT) 

No further nominations shall be accepted after this date. 

Monday 24 August the Electoral Commission shall publish the list of prospect candidates, their respective C.V.s; and for the post of President their Manifesto. 

The Electoral Commission has scrupulously deliberated on the method of voting for the forthcoming elections. Extensive consideration for electronic, postal and in-person voting was given including safeguarding measures and suggestions from members of the community. On the balance of risk and probability it has been unanimously agreed that voting shall be contactless and in person. This decision was made to ensure the highest level of safety is afforded to all members in our community whilst maintaining a fair and impartial process. Our team has tirelessly worked to create a safe environment and method that garners confidence and support from all members irrespective of age, health and personal circumstance. 

Key features to note are: 

  • You must remain in your vehicle at all times within the grounds of the centre (including rugby carpark)
  • PPE will be worn by all CPV, Volunteers and Electoral Commissioners. 
  • A one-way system with guided assistance shall be provided by the CPV, Volunteers and Electoral Commissioners. 
  • The full use of the Hujjat carpark with a one-way system shall ensure a constant flow to prevent unnecessary delays. 
  • A contingency plan has been created to ensure minimal disruption for any Mayyats on the day. (Further information shall be shared soon)
  • For specific needs please contact

An enhanced guide shall be made available by Monday 24 August 2020 which will provide a visual representation with practical guidance on what shall be required and expected from you on the day. 

Due to personal circumstance Br Akber Dharamsi has tendered his resignation from the Electoral Commission of Hujjat KSIMC of London. We whole heartedly thank him for his support, dedication and contribution to this team. As per the Constitution the Electoral Commission shall select amongst ourselves a replacement by next week. Should you wish to propose yourself or another member kindly email Please ensure your membership to the KSIMC of London is valid and paid up to date. 

Gentle reminder that all memberships should be paid up to date. Please contact for further guidance. 

The Electoral Commission of KSIMC of London request your support and Duas for these Elections. 

Farhan Jamal – Chair 

For and on behalf of the Electoral Commission 

The KSIMC of London

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Ashura: ‘Bringing it Home’ – Videos by Dr Masuma Jaffer

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Hujjat will be releasing a series of 10 videos daily on its YouTube channel from Thursday 20th August by our Resident Aalima Dr Masuma Jaffer which focus on how we can bring Ashura into our homes, lives and characters.

Make sure you subscribe and watch the videos to make the most of this Ashra Muharram.

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Muharram (2020) – Seminar 2

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In conjunction with Hyderi, join us on Saturday 22 August 2020,  live Special Programme  with Sheikh Vinay Khetia, Sayed Ammar, Zakira Ummibai Merali and Alihasham Bandali

Topic: Azadari at Home During Covid-19 Muharram 1442

Time: 11.00pm

Host: Ali Hasham Bandali

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Muharram (2020) – Seminar 1

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In conjunction with Hyderi, join us on Wednesday 19th August 2020,  live Special Programme  with Sheikh Vinay Khetia and Muhammad Datoo.

Topic: My Journey to Islam 

Time: 9.00pm

Host: Muhammad Datoo

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News of Death: Marhuma Gulzar Banu Harji

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In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

Inna Lillahi Wa Inna Ilayhi Rajeoon – “To Allah we belong, and to Him is our return”. (Al-Baqarah 2:156)

Marhuma Gulzar Banu Harji on Sunday 9 August 2020 – 18 Zilhajj 1441

We regret to inform you of the sad demise of  Marhuma Gulzar Banu Harji who passed away in London and will be buried today Tuesday 11 August 2020 in a private ceremony.

Mu’mineen are requested to recite Salaat al-Wahshat/Hadiya-e-Mayyit today Tuesday 11 August 2020 after Salaat al-Maghribayn.

Al Fateha

In these very trying and exceptional times we all have to do our part to protect the community and humanity in general.

We have taken into account the lockdown guidance of the Government and the social distancing advice and have formulated the following guidelines for Funerals

Ghusal to be performed by team only.

Salaat of Mayyit at Kabrastan

******* IMPORTANT ********

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Election Nomination Papers and Timelines (2020)

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Dear members of our community, 

Salaamun Alaikum and Eid-e-Ghadeer Mubarak.

We the Electoral Commission are writing to you as the election of the entire Executive Committee was necessitated constitutionally to be held on Sunday 6 September 2020 – following notice of AGM on Sunday 20September 2020. We have attached as required by the Constitution: 

a) The Jamaat’s Constitution (there are no associated rules to be provided) here

b) Nomination Form for prospective candidates here

Please bear in mind the following schedule of dates: 

Sunday 9 AugustCommencement of Election process – provision of nomination form to the general body 
Sunday 16 August  DEADLINE – 23:59:          a)    Payment of all Membership fee (including arrears) – to be received and paid to the Jamaat Office        b)    Registration of spouse – to be received and paid to the Jamaat Office        c) Application for new membership – to be received and paid to the Jamaat Office       All nominations to be received by email to:
Monday 24 August Publication of candidates
Friday 4 September HUSTING:  (In the event there is more than one president)  Time: 20:30  Venue: Online – Zoom Meeting (TBC) chaired by Mr Farhan Jamal (TBC)
Sunday 6 SeptemberELECTION DAY – In person at Hujjat Centre (social distancing observed) . Pls note a new drive through voting format will be in place on the day. Pls comply with all volunteer instructions. Further details will be provided closer to election date. Voting will be held between 10:30 – 19:30   Declaration of results  Results will be published via Hujjat Communication channels (email, website, etc) on Sunday 6th September. Results may be televised live on the Hujjat YouTube channel (To Be Confirmed) after counting on Sunday 6th September 2020

 Should you require further information please feel free to contact us at:

With duas,

Farhan Jamal 


For and on behalf of the Electoral Commission 

KSIMC of London

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