Shahr Ramadhan 1430 Lecture 5/6 ANSWERS

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Shahr Ramadhan 1430.
Lecture 5/6:  Maxims from the life of Imam Ali (AS)
Mehdi Hassan.   11-12/09/2009

1.Who on the deathbed of the Prophet (SAW) said the words “The Quran is enough for us” thereby rejecting the Prophetic teaching that we need both the Quran and Ahlul bayt for our guidance?

B.Umar ibn Khattab.

2.The famous Prophetic Hadith that says that the Holy Quran and Imam Ali (AS) are inseparable has been quoted by the Sunni Scholar Al-Muttaqi al Hindi in which one of his famous works?

D. Kanzul Ummal.

3.Who are the “Qurba” that are referred to in Surah 42 verse 23?

The “Qurba” here refers to Imam Ali (AS), Bibi Fatema (AS), Imam Hassan (AS) and Imam Hussein (AS).

(And the nine descendants of Imam Hussein (AS))

4.How many verses of the Holy Quran are said to have been revealed in praise of Imam Ali (AS) as narrated in a hadith by Abdallah Ibn Abbas?

D. 300

5.Which Sunni Scholar was has no love for the Shia has mentioned the above hadith in his book?

C. Ibn Hajjar Makki

6.Which Verse of the Holy Quran refers to Imam Ali (AS)’s act of giving Zakaat whilst in the state of Rukuu?

D. 5:55.

7.Surah 13, verse 7 mentions the “Warner” and the “Guide”, according to the Holy Prophet (SAW) who is this “Warner” and who is this “Guide”?

A.Rasullullah (SAW) is the Warner and Imam Ali (AS) is the guide

8.Surah 98, verse 7 mentions the “Khairul Bareeah”. According to Rasulullah (SAW) who are these “Khairul Bareeah”?

Imam Ali (AS) and his Shia

9.Which are the only two battles that have been mentioned by name in the Holy Quran?

Battles of Badr and Hunayn

10.What were the 5 battles that were discussed in the lecture. Mention the date that each one took place. Indicate the following in your answer: Which one of them is known as the “Furqaan of Islam”? which battle was it where Amr ibn Abd Wudd was defeated by Imam Ali (AS) and which battle was it where all the Muslims ran away from Rasullullah (SAW) except pious 8 companions led by Imam Ali (AS)?

BADR – took place 622 AD. This was known to be the “Furqaan of Islam” (i.e clear distinguisher between haqq and batil). Mentioned in the Holy Quran.

UHUD- took place 625 AD, near mount UHUD.

KHANDAQ- took place 627 AD. This was the battle where the hero of the enemy of Islam Amr ibn Abd Wudd was comprehensively defeared by Imam Ali (AS)

KHYABER – Took place 629 AD. 90 miles north of Madina.

HUNAYN-Took place 630AD, the second one of two battles that are mentioned specifically in the Holy Quran. This was the battle where only  8 companions stayed to defend the Holy Prophet (SAW) and Islam.

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Shahr Ramadhan 1430 Lecture 3/4 ANSWERS

In: Shahr Ramadhan 1430 Quiz

Shahr Ramadhan 1430.
Lecture 3/4:  Maxims from the life of Imam Ali (AS)
Mehdi Hassan.   9-10/09/2009

1.After being struck with the sword Imam Ali (AS) uttered the famous words “Fuztu bi rabbil Ka’ba”. What do these words translate as?

D.By the Lord of the Ka’ba I have been successful.

2.What is the translation of the famous Prophetic Hadith: “Ana Madinatul Ilm wa Aliyun Baabuha”?

C. I am the city of Knowledge and Ali (AS) is its gate.

3.According to the Prophet Hadith mentioned in the lecture, how many parts has the wisdom of humanity been divided into? And how many of these have been given to Imam Ali (AS)?

Wisdom was divided into 10 parts of which 9 parts were granted to Imam Ali (AS) whilst the other part was granted to mankind.

4.Rasullulah (SAW) said that “talking about, looking at and loving Imam Ali (AS) are all acts of worship”. This hadith has been mentioned by the sunni scholar Hafidh Jalalludin As Suyuti in which one of his books?

B. Tareekh-ul-Khulafa.

5.What did Rasullulah (SAW) pass on to Imam Ali (AS) a few moments before he passed away as reported by Imam Ali (AS) himself?

He passed on a 1000 chapters of knowledge (each of which split up into a further 1000 chapters).
Bonus mark if they mention what is in brackets or similar.

6.Imam Ali (AS) despite knowing the identity of his killer had one occasion sold his horse to him. What was the reason that Imam (AS) gave to his companions as to why he did this despite his knowledge of what was to come?

B. So that Ibn Muljim would not have even the slightest excuse against the Imam on the day of judgement.

7.Imam Ali (AS) prophesised how one his closest companions would be killed for expressing love for him. Who was this companion, how was he killed and who was responsible for killing him?

The companion was Maitham-e-Thammar who was killed by being hung from a tree and having his tongue cut out. Ubaydallah Ibn Ziyad was responsible for his killing.

8.How did Imam Ali (AS) respond when asked by someone during the battle of Siffin where he should fight?

C. First understand the truth and then you will know its people.

9.What reward did Rasullullah (SAW) ask from us for his mission? For a Bonus please give the reference of the Quranic ayat which mentions this.

B.That we show our Muwaddah (undying love) for his near family.

Verse is: 42:23 (Surah Ash-Shura, verse 23)

10.What are the 4 types of character that people exhibit as described by Ayatullah Muttaheri and which category does Imam Ali (AS) fit into? For a Bonus please summerise in no more than one or two sentences why we should truly Love Imam Ali (AS).

The following or similar answers will be accepted:

4 types of people as described by Ayatullah Muttaheri (Ra).

1.The person who neither attracts anyone nor repels anyone. They have no real following and no enemies. They are like sheep.

2.The person who attracts people but repels no one. This type of person has no enemies and makes everyone happy. These people will generally be two faced and will moderate their character depending on who they are with.

3.The person who repels everyone and attracts no one. This is the worst type of individual.

4.The person who attracts people and yet also repels people. They tread a set path and their stance encourages both agreement and disagreement amongst the people.

Imam Ali (AS) belonged to the 4th Category.

We truly love Imam Ali (AS) because of what he stood for and upheld, namely the true message of Islam and Rasullullah (SAW) and that he was a perfect embodiment of the Siraatal Mustaqeem (Straight path).

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Shahr Ramadhan 1430 Lecture 1/2 ANSWERS

In: Shahr Ramadhan 1430 Quiz

Shahr Ramadhan 1430.
Lecture 1/2:  Taking lessons from the Holy Quran
Sheikh Arif Abdulhussein.   7-8/09/2009

1.The behaviour of the Bani Israeel when they asked Prophet Musa (AS) to bring down Quail and other foods from the heavens to eat was condemned because:

C. They were being rushed to the promised land which should have been their priority rather than wasting precious time eating luxurious food.

2.The main reason why people have always been attracted to the message of the Holy Quran is because:

A.It is a reminder to what we already know inherently.

3.What is the main reason as mentioned in the lecture why Allah has issued this challenge (SWT)?

C. To encourage all of humanity to try and challenge the word of the Quran such that they realise & eventually submit to its divine nature.

4.Divinely inspired Miracles in general must necessarily conform to which of the following?

B. They must challenge and prove themselves beyond the intellectual understanding of the time.

5.The staff and light of Prophet Musa (AS) were his main miracles, whilst his message was the Tawrah. Given that the message of the Holy Prophet (SAW) was the Holy Quran, what was his main miracle?

D. The meanings of the Holy Quran itself.

6.In order for us to be convinced about the divine nature of the Holy Quran and submit fully to its teachings we have to?

C. Be objective in our reading of the Holy Quran in order to reach conviction.

7.When Imam Ali (AS) regained control of the river bank from the enemy during the battle of Siffin, he allowed the enemy free access to the water whilst the enemy had previously restricted them access to the water. What is the fundamental principle that Imam (AS) upheld here?

B. That forbidden means can never justify noble ends.

8.“Just as the Quraish belied the revelation, they have belied the meaning of the revelation”. Who made this statement, where was it made and who was it referring to?

Statement Made by Imam Ali (AS), during battle of Siffin and he was referring to Mu’awiyyah and his army.

9.Explain why Prophet Yusuf (AS) did not act unjustly when he planted his cup into the bag of his brother Binyamin in order that his brother is caught accused of stealing it?

Because he had already revealed his real identity to Binyamin and thus Binyamin was already aware of and consented to the plan, so this action was not unjust.

10.The Hadith from the Holy Prophet (SAW) says: “the exegesis (meaning) of the Holy Quran will be given by the passage of time”. The Holy Quran has also been revealed by the same author who has created the universe. What two conclusions were drawn at the end of the lecture based upon these two statements?

1.That the Holy Quran is in completely in sync with the natural existence/universe

2.There is no finality in our understanding of the Holy Quran (as these understandings will progress as humanity progresses) – so we can never claim to have gained an absolute/complete understanding of any issue from the Holy Quran.


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ELC Quiz Shahr Ramadhan 1430

In: Shahr Ramadhan 1430 Quiz
During the lecture series of the Month of Ramadhan 1430, the ELC will be running a Quiz competition.
Inshallah there will be a new quiz every two nights, and each quiz will be available until the next is released. This gives participants about 48 hours to submit their answers. Inshallah the participants with the top scores at the end of the series will be awarded prizes.
During the lecture series of the Month of Ramadhan 1430, the ELC will be running a Quiz competition.

Inshallah there will be a new quiz every two nights, and each quiz will be available until the next is released. This gives participants about 48 hours to submit their answers. Inshallah the participants with the top scores at the end of the series will be awarded prizes.

Update (Saturday 19 September 2009): The quiz is now closed. Inshallah the winners will be anounced at the ELC celebration tonight (10th Anniversary). Thank-you for your participation. Answers to quiz 4 and 5 will inshallah be posted online tomorrow.

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