Potential Acquisition of a site in Stanmore

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1. Nursing accommodation

2. Prosthetics unit

3. Hospital

4. Charity offices

In 2012, the RNOH managed to secure outline planning for 92 residential units on the site. These units are a mix of flats and houses encompassing a total of c. 150k sq ft GIA.

We are actively working on evaluating the risks on the site and will be reporting back to the community in due course. Inshallah with our collective duas, we hope that this endeavour will yield fruit for our community.


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The Leaning Wall of Stanmore

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On Friday 9th February, the length of time the Berlin wall was demolished exceeded the total time the wall had been up. In order to celebrate the occasion, the General Body voted to finally bring down their own wall which was clearly past its prime.

As many of you have noticed, the leaning wall in the ladies car park (affectionately known as the leaning wall of Stanmore) is being dismantled to enable safe reconstruction. We have been forced to close the road on Wood Lane however we were fortunate to time this in half term to reduce the disruption to the local residents.

We are grateful to Husayn Mawji for his hard work in facilitating this unique challenge and Harrow Council and the local Highways team for their support in enabling us to make our centre safer for our community. 


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Property Team have a guided tour of the Centre

In: Property Team

In seeking to understand the art of the possible within the current Stanmore site, one the principal tasks that the Property team has undertaken, was to take a walk around he Stanmore site to understand the condition of the building. Syed sahib was kind enough to act as our tour guide, steering us through all the various boiler rooms, classrooms and even the bridal suite. 

The most notable thing when walking around the site highlights the impressive way we have utilised the full breadth of the building. It is truly inspiring to see us expand and encourage our community to proactively occupy all elements of the building for multiple different uses throughout the year.

However, our extensive usage of the building and the years of heavy service that the building has given us, has shown its impact on the wear and tear on the fabric of the building. There are visible signs of serious issues on the site that need to be addressed. It is normal for a building of this age, however this has to feature in the short-medium term plans for our community centre.

What we have realised as a team is that a significant amount of money will need to be spent on this site in order to maintain the status quo. The Property team will need to assess this carefully against future plans in terms of longevity of this site as well as expansion plans and delisting conversations. 

Our thanks to Syed Sahib for taking the time out to show us around and if there is anyone that has a particular skill set in this area and is able to help than please reach out on property@hujjat.org

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