Hujjat Primary School – Application Deadline

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Salaam Alaykum, peace be with you,

We pray this email finds you all in the best of health.

We hope those of you who have attended one of our recent parent information events found the session useful and that you had an opportunity to learn more about the school’s vision and meet the team.

If you signed up but were unable to attend, please do sign up for our next event on 9th December at 7:30pm. Click here to register:

We’d love to hear from you if you have any questions or comments, or would like to apply and require support, please do get in touch. One of the team would be happy to help!

Please remember to apply by 15th January 2020 to be included in the first round of offers. As Hujjat Primary does not count as one of your 6 local authority school choices next year, you don’t need to make a final decision between Hujjat Primary and your local authority offer until offers day in April 2020.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,
Hujjat Primary School Team

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Resilience in children in challenging times Part 1: RSE

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In response to the fast changing world we live in and concerns about our chidrens’ spiritual and emotional development, we have organised a series of seminars and talks on ‘Resilience in children in challenging times’.

The first in this series is a talk on the new RSE (relationships and sex education) curriculum being introduced into schools.

All adults are welcome to attend, but this talk will be specifically relevant for parents of younger children. It will be led by Dr. Kate Godfrey-Fausett, Shaykh Jaffer Ladak and Dr. Masuma Jaffer.

Please see the attached poster for more information.

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Muslim primary schools excel

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schoolexcelMuslim primary schools have again exceeded  the national average pass rate in the Key Stage 2 Level 4 and above exams, a level expected for 11-year-olds in their last year in primary school.

On average 91 percent of students sitting their KS2 (or equivalent) tests last year in Muslim schools reached Level 4 and above in English that is 11 percent higher than the national average. For Math 90 percent of students in Muslim schools reached Level 4 and above, 5 percent higher than the national average.

Thirty-six of the schools featured are Independent and seven are Voluntary Aided (some costs are subsidized by the government).

11 of the 43 Muslim primary schools featured had a 100 percent Level 4 and above pass rate in both English and Math. They include Al Falah and Tayyibah Girls  (Hackney); Al-Hudaa  (Nottingham); Al-Noor and Apex (Redbridge); Assunnah (Haringey); Crystal Gardens (Bradford); Date Valley (Merton); Fitrah SIPS (Southampton); Leicester Islamic Academy and Noor Ul Islam (Waltham Forest).

68 percent of Muslim schools features also achieved a higher pass rate than their local authority in both English and Math.

Article by Elham Asaad Buaras, of The Muslim News.

The Muslim News is the only publication to annually compile KS 2, 4 & 5 of Muslim schools. League table results are available only in hard copy. Please telephone 02088638586 or email

Graph illustrating the average percentage of students in Muslim schools attaining Level 4 and above last year against the national average (**English= combined average for reading test and writing test). (Graph: Muslim News)



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Why Muslim School?

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Why would I like my child to be educated in an Islamic school?

For me, literacy, numeracy and science are not the ultimate reason I am sending my child to school. Yes, I want my child to be challenged academically, but more than that, I want her to grow and excel as a human being. I believe that to truly thrive, she needs teachers who are not just academic facilitators but true role models, friends who share her values and a learning environment where Islam is not just reduced to a module in RE but guides all learning, morality and relationships.

I don’t want school to be a juggling act between Islam and social acceptance, a tightrope of compromise, a daily battlefield of self-restraint. I don’t want her to struggle with the duality of a dichotomous personal and school life. Or the isolation that inevitably comes with believing differently, dressing differently and doing differently. Moreover, I am deeply concerned about the life-long damage incurred by a youth spent trying not to drown in a culture of sexuality, substance abuse, materialism and moral ambivalence.

It is my role as a mother to nurture her potential to be the best servant of God she can be. But even if I was the best mother in the world, which I am not, I believe that there is a massive danger that all will be undone if there are major conflicts between what I nurture and what she faces daily at the school where she spends most of her time and make most of her choices.

So I would rather entrust her to an Islamic school where she can be happy and grow as a Muslim. A school from which she can graduate not just with academic skills but a clear sense of purpose, strong values and love for God and humanity. It is this confident and spiritual young woman that will then be able to integrate and contribute to the wider, British society in the best way. 

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Khoja Jaffery Academy “Free School Project”

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The Khoja Jaffery Academy – A School for you

Dear Members of the Community/Parents

Salaamun Alaykum,

The issue of education and the urgency of establishing a community school has been discussed in our community and has become one of the main issues.  The Executive Committee of KSIMC of London has, subsequent to consultation and having received support for the idea, decided to apply to set up a fully fledged government funded free Primary and Secondary community school.   Some of the key features of the proposed school are highlighted below for your information:

•    Free of cost to the parents/children and community.
•    The School will optimize the national curriculum and its delivery as well as support the children in a manner such that every child is a successful child; the vision of the school is to emulate and surpass the standards and results of most Grammar Schools.
•    Preference given to children from the community (although admission is subject to availability and not guaranteed)
•    Holistic approach ensuring that children’s social, personal and emotional needs are met alongside their educational needs
•    A school that imbibes Islamic ethics & spirituality and provides the tools for confident modern day living and nurture our children to attain the best standards.
•    Teaching of Arabic and Islamic studies alongside the secular national curriculum.
•    The vision of excellence in the school aims at becoming one of the best in the borough with 80% of A level students proceeding to the top ten universities in this country and North America.
•    Inclusive school with a minimum of 50% of students from our community and significant numbers from other local communities and faiths.
•    The proposed school building to be situated in the vicinity of the Stanmore Centre (projected 2 mile radius) and be well equipped for single-sex classrooms and for latest sporting and recreational facilities.
•    School bus provided from major routes (additional charge applicable)
•    Encourage children to develop life skills for the 21st century and high aspirations so that they feel empowered to succeed in all that they do and having achieved, want to contribute to the wider society.
•    Inspected by Ofsted – the vision of the school is to maintain an Outstanding rating.
•    The school will offer extended daily after school services (until 6pm) clubs, sports activities and guest speakers will be arranged for this time (additional hourly charge payable). This feature is especially useful for working parents.
•    If the application formalities are completed shortly and the school is approved, then the school will open in September 2013 for reception classes in primary and Year 7 in secondary
•    The school aims to recruit motivated, highly inspirational teachers from all communities. We would welcome all interests which, if successful, would be remunerated at market rates. 
We hope that you find the above information of interest, if you want to express an interest or to enroll your child or know somebody who does then please either register the details on the attached demand form or visit our website:

Or if you have any comments or suggestions for the school please contact:

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