Sad demise of Grand Ayatullah Sayyed Muhammad Sa’eed al-Hakim

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In the name of Allah, Most Kind, Ever Merciful
Inna lillah wa inna ilayhi rajiun
Imam al-Sadiq (a) has said: ‘When a believing jurist dies, a void is left in Islam that can never be filled again [except by equal or better jurists].’ (Al-Kafi)

It is with utmost sadness and profound grief that the Shia world received news of the demise of Grand Ayatullah Sayyed Muhammad Sa’eed Tabatabaie al-Hakim in Najaf al-Ashraf after a sudden heart-attack. On this most grievous loss, KSIMC of London humbly extends condolences to Imam al-Mahdi (aj) on the loss of one of his general representatives, to the hawza ilmiyyah and ulama, to the grieving family, and to the entire Shia ummah.

Grand Ayatullah Sayyed Muhammad Sa’eed al-Hakim was born on 8 Dhil-Qa’da 1354 AH, in Najaf al-Ashraf. He started his Hawza studies at an early age, and was found to have exceptional intelligence and a thirst to learn Islamic sciences. Amongst his teachers were his father, maternal grandfather Grand Ayatullah Sayyed Muhsin al-Hakim, Shaikh Husain Hilli (the teacher of many mujtahids and maraje – including Grand Ayatullah Sayyid Sistani), and Grand Ayatullah Sayyed Abul-Qasim al-Khui.

Grand Ayatullah al-Hakim lived under the harsh Ba’athist regime but still managed to reach the higher levels of hawza studies. He spent times of his blessed life inside Ba’athist prisons, along with many members of his family, many of whom were brutally executed. However, even in prison, like Nabi Yusuf (a), he propagated the faith in filling the thirst of his fellow prisoners and students with his deep knowledge. In fact, he even trained his son and co-prisoner, Sayyid Riyadh al-Hakeem to become a mujtahid.

Aside from his scholarly endeavours and authoring a number of books, he also cared for the poor and needy, furthered the propagation of Islam in a number of countries, voiced his solidarity with the oppressed people of Palestine, and the followers of Ahlul Bayt (a) in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Mu’mineen are requested to remember Grand Ayatullah al-Hakim with Surat al-Fatihah, and for the ummah to be able to bear this loss with steadfastness.

28 Muharram 1443

6 September 2021

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Interfaith Event: Symbols and Signs – Are they pointers to faith?

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On Thursday 21st November 2019 at 7:30 pm, the Bushey Interfaith Forum will meet once again, this time hosted by the Jain community. There will be speakers from the Catholic, Protestant, Muslim, Jewish and Jain faiths, all speaking on the topic of ‘Symbols and Signs’. Our Resident Aalim, Sheikh Jaffer Ladak will be speaking on behalf of the KSIMC of London at the event. All are encouraged to attend!

Address: Shrimad Rajchandra Mission Dharampur, London Spiritual Centre, Falconer Hall, 6 Falconer Road, Bushey, WD23 3AD

Parking: There is plenty of free parking in the Kemp Place Car Park, Kemp Place WD23 1DW which is no more than 5 minutes walk away. Guests are kindly asked to park there.

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Resident aalim: contact details & office hours

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oShaykh Jaffer Ladak is available as a point of contact for anyone who has any issues they would like to discuss or questions that they would like answered. All communication is strictly confidential. There are different ways you can get in touch with Shaykh:

Meet in person:

Shaykh’s office hours at the centre are the following:

Daytime: Monday 12pm – 2pm & Wednesday 2pm – 4pm

Evenings: Tuesday and Thursday 6-8pm.

These appointments are open to all, but you must book in advance – email

By phone: 

Shaykh’s official Jamaat number is: 07717 136061.

He can be reached by WhatsApp on this number.

You can also call, and Shaykh will attempt to answer or return any voicemails within a reasonable time frame.

By email:

Social media:

For those ladies who would prefer to see a female Aalima, they can see our Resident Aalima Dr. Masuma Jaffer, email:

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Two new weekly Tafsir classes with Shaykh Jaffer Ladak

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The Jamaat has organised two new weekly Tafsir classes with Shaykh Jaffer Ladak

The first is ladies only, every Monday morning (10-1130), starting Monday 14 January. Click here to sign up.

The second is open to all, every Monday evening 8-9pm, starting 21 January (one week later). Click here to sign up,

See poster for more details.

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Resilience in children in challenging times Part 1: RSE

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In response to the fast changing world we live in and concerns about our chidrens’ spiritual and emotional development, we have organised a series of seminars and talks on ‘Resilience in children in challenging times’.

The first in this series is a talk on the new RSE (relationships and sex education) curriculum being introduced into schools.

All adults are welcome to attend, but this talk will be specifically relevant for parents of younger children. It will be led by Dr. Kate Godfrey-Fausett, Shaykh Jaffer Ladak and Dr. Masuma Jaffer.

Please see the attached poster for more information.

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Darul Qur’an Poetry Inspiration

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On the beautiful and blessed occasion of the birth of the Holy Prophet, Darul Qur’an would like to share a reflective poem that explores our responsibility to exemplify and emanate the light and message of Muhammad (S). You can access the link by clicking here


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Harrow Citizens Survey

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Hujjat are very pleased to be part of the recently-founded Harrow Citizens movement, a branch of the charity Citizens UK.

Volunteers are seeking just two minutes of your time to complete their survey.

Your responses will form part of a proposal which will go to leaders in Harrow as to how the borough should change and which issues should be prioritised. Harrow leaders will be asked to demonstrate how they will tackle their residents’ concerns.

Please fill in this survey.

Thank you in advance for your time.

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“An Exceptional Teacher” Poem

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On the occasion of the birth of the Messenger of mercy, Muhammad (S), Darul Qur’an wal Itrah wishes you all a blessed and auspicious day.

It is by Allah’s mercy that you are gentle to them; and had you been harsh and hard-hearted, surely they would have scattered from around you. So excuse them, and plead for forgiveness for them, and consult them in the affairs…‘  (Qur’an 3:159)
No doubt, the Holy Prophet (S) was the most compassionate of teachers and guides.
As teachers, parents, nurturers and elders, we all seek to emulate his beautiful character of mercy, by which he inspired even the hardest hearts to accept and love Islam.

Please find below, a powerful poem that captures the essence of an exceptional teacher and guide:

Darul Qur’an wal Itrah Team

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Islamaphobia Questionnaire

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Dear Community Members,

In recent weeks and months, incidents and stories of ‘Islamophobia’ have been voiced more and more frequently.  Examples have ranged from simple verbal abuse to more malicious and even violent episodes.  

It is difficult to understand the true extent and scope of the problem with merely anecdotal evidence alone.  Therefore we ask members of the public to share with us (with the option of anonymity) their stories.  This will allow us to collate qualitative evidence and better understand the problem.  

We will then consult with the relevant stakeholders to find the appropriate solutions to this growing concern.

The survey is on the left-hand side of the site.  

Should you have any questions please do email  Moreover, if you or a family member/friend have experienced an unpleasant incident and would like to receive support or counsel, please do get in touch.  

With Salaams and Duas
The KSIMC of London
11 October 2015

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