Resilience in children in challenging times Part 1: RSE

In response to the fast changing world we live in and concerns about our chidrens’ spiritual and emotional development, we have organised a series of seminars and talks on ‘Resilience in children in challenging times’. The first in this series is a talk on the new RSE (relationships and sex education) curriculum being introduced into […]

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Wiladat: Imam Hassan Al Askari (A)

Birth 10th Rabi-ul Aakher 232 AH in Madina Titles Al-Askari Death 8th Rabi-ul Awwal 260 AH  Samarrah, Iraq “Generosity has a limit, which when crossed becomes extravagance; caution has a limit which when crossed becomes cowardice; thriftiness has a limit, which when crossed becomes miserliness; courage has a limit, which when crossed becomes fool-hardiness. Let […]

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Shaykh Jaffer Ladak’s Friday reflections 17th August 2018

Last Friday, we introduced our methodology of discussion and looked at verses on how the Prophet (s) reacted to being rejected, and felt when great trials befell his community. Today’s discussion on the Prophetic personality and mission will be to reflect on how the Prophet (s) treated his own community and expected his followers to […]

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