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Tuesday 2 September 2014
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Fajr Salaat Time Clarification

We, The KSIMC of London have received a number of queries from our members about the correct time of Fajr prayers. We are aware of the efforts of various scholars who are considering this matter, and note the contents of recent questions to Agha Sistani.

The London Namaaz Timetable for Fajr was constructed after observations over a number of years at three UK locations (co-ordinated by Marhum Mulla Asghar). We are confident that it is accurate and in accordance with the rulings of Agha Sistani.

In light of our member's queries, we are investigating other alternative timetables and considering the evidence upon which they are based. Unless and until sufficient information is obtained which casts doubt on the veracity of The London Namaaz Timetable, we have no plans to modify or adjust the published timings. Should this change in the future we will, of course, inform the community of any amendments.

This is an issue which has come under scrutiny on numerous occasions in the past. We have always been open to dialogue and debate with those within the national Muslim community who hold differing views, and remain committed to maintaining this course of action in the future.

For your reference, please find three valuable resources for download:

1) Clarification on the fajr timing question posed to Ayatullah Syed Ali Seestani, 29th Shaban 1430AH in Najaf; by Sheikh Safder Ahmed Jaffer

2) Powerpoint presentation on Fajr Times in Europe; by Al-Hajj Jaffer H Dharamsi

3) Determing the times for Fajr presentation; by Al-Hajj Jaffer H Dharamsi 

With Salaams and Dua's

Moshin Kassam

Hon. Secretary

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