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ELC Ashra-e-Zainabiyya 1430 Daily Quiz Answers Night 7
ELC - English Listening Centre
Ashre Zainabiyya 1430.
Lecture 7:  The Biography of the life of Abdallah ibn Ja’far (AS).
Seyyed Ammar Nakhshawani.   11/02/2009

1.    In what year was Abdallah ibn Ja’far (AS) born?
    A.    1 A.H

2.    Who was the mother of Abdallah ibn Ja’far (AS)?
    D.    Asma binte Umays

3.    Who were the 2 brothers of Abdallah ibn Ja’far who were also born in Abbysinia?
    C.  Aun and Muhammad

4.    In what year did Ja’far ibn Abu Talib (AS) return to Madina, when Rasulullah (SAW) said: “I do not know what to be happier with, Ali’s victory in Khayber or Ja’far’s return from Abbysinia”?
    B.    7 A.H

5.    What was the title given to Ja’far Ibn Abu Talib (AS) and why was he given such a title?
    •    He was given the title of “Tayyar” which means one who flies.
    •    He was given this title because he was killed in the battle of Muta in a similar way to that in which Hazrat Abbas (AS) was killed in that he had both his arms cut off. As a result Rasulullah (SAW) said that Allah (SWT) was so pleased with his sacrifice that he will replace his arms with wings in the akhirah

6.    After Bibi Fatema (AS), Bibi Khadija (AS), Bibi Aasiya (AS) and Bibi Maryam (AS), who were the 4 other ladies about whom Rasulullah (SAW) said that Jannah misses them?
    •    Asma binte Umays – The mother of Abdallah ibn Ja’far
    •    Salma binte Umays –The sister of Asma
    •    Maymuna – The wife of The Holy Prophet (SAW)
    •    Umm Fadhl – The mother of Abbas the uncle of the Prophet

7.    When Abdallah Ibn Ja’far (AS) married Bibi Zainab (AS) what were the 2 parts of the Mahr that was agreed between them?
    •    The first part was the same as the Mahr of Imam Ali (AS) to Bibi Fatema (AS) -480 Dirhams.
    •    The second part was a promise by Abdallah ibn Ja’far (AS) to let Bibi Zainab (AS) go if she ever has to accompany Imam Hussain (AS).

8.    Abdallah ibn Ja’far was well known for his generosity and was the first to be given the title of “Jawad”, what other famous title was he given?
    B.  “Abul Masaakeen” –‘Father of the poor’

9.    Which battles had Abdallah Ibn Ja’far (AS) been involved in?
    C.  Siffin, Naharwan, Jamal.

10.    Why did Abdallah ibn Ja’far (AS) not fight in Kerbala?.
    •    Because he had reached old age which had crippled him thereby rendering him unable to fight. He made sure that he was represented in Kerbala by sending his sons Aun and Muhammad to support Imam Hussain (AS).

11.    Explain the pivotal role that Abdallah ibn Ja’far (AS) played in enabling Bibi Zainab (AS) to fulfil her great role before, during and after Kerbala
    •    Abdallah ibn Ja’far (AS) supported Bibi Zainab (AS) throughout their married life, he always allowed her the freedom to her impart her knowledge for the benefit of others in the Ummah.
    •     As a result of this support from her husband, Bibi Zainab (AS) was able to convey to hold Public and private majalis at her residence in Kufa. The Public Majalis used to be on general Islamic topics whilst the private one used to be on the tafsir of the Holy Quran.
    •    Abdallah ibn Ja’far (AS) fully supported the cause of Imam Hussain (AS) and whilst he could not himself participate in Kerbala, he sent his two young sons Aun (AS) and Muhammad (AS) to represent him.  He also allowed Bibi Zainab (AS) to accompany Imam Hussain (AS) as per his promise to Imam Ali (AS) and in accordance with his mahr. This allowed Bibi Zainab (AS) to fulfil the great role she played in supporting and safeguarding the true message of the Holy Prophet (SAW) during and after the tragic events of Kerbala, Kufa and Shaam.
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